Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dansez Avec Moi

As a girl, I danced.  Everywhere.  In the front yard.  In the back yard.  Up and down the sidewalks. After incessant begging on my part, my parents enrolled me in the André Eglevsky School of Ballet.  This was one of their greatest gifts to me.  I lived and I danced, for many years thereafter, right in my own heart's calling.     After some time in this reverie, I graduated from supple pink slippers to satin toe shoes.   In doing so,  I felt I had graduated to another layer of the atmosphere.  Life in the stratosphere included a  beautiful memory of looking back at myself in the vast mirrors that spanned the walls of the school and seeing a lovely creature - suspended, mid-air, in a grand arabesque

Ballet Art Poster Print by Steven Mitchell, 10x8

Ballet school was where I first heard spoken French and terms like arabesque, plié, and frappé became part of my everyday usage.   I am certain that I love French so very much because it hearkens back to these effervescent memories.   

Economy Womens Ballet Shoe

French is the language of ballet for it was King Louis XIV who established the first official school of ballet.  The Paris Opera Ballet remains one of the finest ballet schools dans tout le monde.  
I wish you some dance in your day!

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