Sunday, February 28, 2010

La Bonne Chienne

I spied this dog outside an apartment window in Paris.  I enjoyed the play of greys and how she herself was the finishing touch in this quintessential Parisian palette.  I'm sure she soon climbed back inside for her déjeuner, but with watercolors, I immortalized her nonchalant pose pour toujours, so there she stays, sur mon papier.  

 My own sweetheart of a dog, Ginger, is a miniature dachshund.  Sometimes we get fancy and call her "Gingembre" to which she cocks her head in puzzlement.  "Mais vous savez très bien que je ne suis pas française" she seems to say.  "Enough with your French Mania."  Does  ma bonne chienne know that she is the star of many of my paintings?   This is my best selling design!   Take a peek at my line of "Ginger Gifts."   
And if you buy a little something, I'll have the extra argent to buy her a French collar

Medium National Flag of France Dog Collar

And some lavender shampoo
Fleurs de France - Spa Dog, True Lavender Dog Shampoo and Conditioner, Healthy Skin, Silky Coat - 8

And this French pull toy!

Vilac Miss Toby the Dog Pull Toy

Oh la la.


  1. Hello,

    I love your paints, realy!
    What do you think about our friend's pictures, Alexandre Leguedey.
    see his Café de Flore à Paris

  2. Chien Chaud! I love the watecolor of the Parisian dog, and you MUST get the French collar.